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History of community „Padmaling” takes its origin in 1989, when there was registered Latvian Buddhist community as the first buddhism community in Soviet Latvia. At the late 80ties a vast amount of spiritual literature entered Soviet Union and Latvia, too. Among these texts one could found the original buddhist teachings including dzogchen. These texts opened kind of new world for people and raised a strong wish to get acquainted with such teaching as well as with teacher himself. One of available books was famous „Talks in Conway, USA July 1982 & January 1983” by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. Our attempt to receive an answer to urging questions was successful. Some of our practitioners leave for Conway (MA) in order to receive transmission (direct introduction) from Master. Delegates invited Namkhai Norbu to visit former USSR. In early 90-ties, there had been already established some dzogchen communities. During this visit our representatives asked for names of existing communities. Rinpoche presented a sheet of paper with 5 names of Lings to be distributed among the cities by local practitioners themselves. Thus the communities received their names - Sangyeling (St.Petersburg), Dorjeling (Vilnius), Rinchenling (Moscow), Padmaling (Riga), Karmaling (Kharkov).

Consequently, Latvian community (as the first one among those five) was renamed and registered juridically on 7th of February, 1991.

The same year one of the closest disciples of Namkhai Norbu – Fabio Andrico attended Riga and some other cities of former Soviet Union. There was organized a course of Yantra yoga in the building or Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers. Besides it, explanatins of dzogchen practices took place in small building at Gertrudes street – Padmaling residence of those times.

At last, Rinpoche arrived Latvia in 1992, just after the retreat carried out in Lithuania. From 30th of May till 6th of June there was dzogchen retreat in well-known resort Jurmala. The teachings were presented in the morning, while Yantra yoga courses– in the afternoon. The Mandala for Vajra Dances was drawn just on the pavement nearby sandy beach. It seems strange, however the features of this drawing were still observable even 10 years after an event!
During that retreat we had no idea about registering people, so now we can just guess real number of participants. Estimated number of those who took part in weekends was more than 100 people, among them- the guests from Lithuania, Estonia Russia, Germany, USA. Due to transmission received from Rinpoche, the retreat in Jurmala could be regarded as milestone in history of our community – like the second birth.

In 90-ties Padmaling organized some other retreats with international dzogchen instructors. Recently a lot of members are going to the retreats abroad for retreats with Rinpoche as well as for taking courses of Yantra and Vajra dances.

Dzogchen Community Mandala

A primordial Buddha in indivisible yab-yum union with his consort Samantabhadri.

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